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Blood pressure monitoring course mockup

Have you or someone you know been diagnosed with high blood pressure? Did you know that there are best practices for monitoring your blood pressure at home? This scenario-based course was designed to help those tasked with monitoring their blood pressure at home learn best practices for choosing a blood pressure monitor, finding the best posture, and other tips to get the most accurate readings.   


Tools used: Articulate Storyline 360, Canva, WellSaid Labs

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General Rules of Interpretation course mockup

Understanding instructions from U.S. Customs can be hard.  This course was created to explain, in simple terms, one of the key Customs documents for anyone new to a Customs Classification role.    


Tools used: Articulate Rise 360, Adobe Captivate, Adobe Audition, Adobe Premiere Pro, Canva


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Learning Customs Classification is difficult as there are lots of new vocabulary words, rules, and concepts.  But correct classification can save an organization money, making training a worthwhile investment.  As a project for Walden University I created a course introduction and initial content module for a fully asynchronous online certification course.  The course was designed using Andragogy and Active Learning along with Mayer's principles of multimedia. 


Tools used: Canvas, Microsoft Word, Canva, Articulate Rise 360


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Sheepadoodle grooming course mockup

Learning how to groom my Sheepadoodle, Bailey, came with a learning curve.  This training was designed to provide new Sheepadoodle owners or groomers with an overview of the tools needed and some key items to pay attention to. 


Tools used: Adobe Captivate, Adobe Audition, Canva

Click on the image to explore the full training.

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